Dienstag, 13. Januar 2009

STRANGE WORLDS #2 (Garage Comp)

The moody volume, I did this one in 2008. Willl post more info soon.


Montag, 12. Januar 2009

WANDERERS FIVE - Treat Me Right (Amber)

Boss Psych Beat

Fine Garage Beat I have zero info on. A top two-sider, because the flip delivers the beef as well: a moody gem that'll be heard on STRANGE WORLDS #5 later this year.


FIVE TYMES - Hold Me Now (Bear)

Ace Teen Garage Ballad

Invasion-inflected shy guy lament. A serious droner on MN's profilic Bear label. Much more than the average ballad b-side, don't ya think? The topside is a cool rocking cover of "Around and Around".


CYCLES OF SOUND - Questions (On My Mind)

Moody Garage Psych


CAPERS - Piece Of Mind (Wam)

Mighty Fine Garage Beat Thumppp

Glorious Frat Beat Punker on the mighty fine and mighty rare WAM label outta Ohio. Watch for the CAPERS' other 45 on WAM on this very blog. Both discs are shakers... tuff!


3'S A CROWD - Making Do (Ro-Do)

Tuff Pop Garage Winner

Zip info on this cool disc. Poppy. Yummy!

Samstag, 10. Januar 2009

STRANGE WORLDS Vol. 3 * Leave Me Alone!!

Captain Salty Presents:

Track Listing:

01 DAVE, STAN & ROBIN – Get Off My Cloud
02 BARRY LEE – Things Gotta To Change
03 HAL & THE PROPHETS – Shame Shame Shame
04 TONY HARRIS – Super Man
05 BOBBIES – She Put Me Down
06 CARL WALDEN – Watusi Lucy
07 SAINTS & SINNERS – Mercy Mercy
08 TOM & THE CATS – Walking Man
09 GALAXIES V – Let Me Hear You Say Yeah
10 CAPERS – No Piece Of Mind
11 NEUTRONS – Don’t Be Cruel
12 PASTELS – Don’t Ya Know
13 COUNTS – Mickey’s Monkey
15 TROPHIES – Walking The Dog
16 ANGLO SAXTON – Leave Me Alone