Samstag, 21. März 2009

THE CHANTELLS - Break-Down (Century)

Cool Punky SlopOn the rare Century label, here come the CHANTELLS outta Virginia with a boss lookin' label. And they go wild! Flip is a nice moody thing.

THE MONTEREYS - Very Last Day (Sahara)

Folky Garage Ballads

Right from the hands of PP&M comes this melodramatic but classy folk tune. New York band that also waxed the ultra-cool "I'll be Around" in 1965.

THE SWINGIN' YO YO's - Have You Ever (Jubilee)

Fab Moody Beat Winner
Excellent work on this uncomped 45. A great melody line and enough punch to keep it away from mainstream pop/rock slick. Reminds me on the BOMPERS 45 that's also on this blog. Flip is cool, too.

THE MEMBERS - Jenny Jenny (Label)

Great Hot Frat

Pretty tough St. Petersburg, Florida disc that kicks mucho ass!

Dienstag, 17. März 2009


Cool New Mexico FratCool and uncomped Frat sounds on this desirable New Mexico label.

<hear it>

THE BONDSMEN - [Acetate]

THE BONDSMEN - Untitled Moody Instro
Way cool unissued Instro moodiness on this acetate that was identified by a cavemannish pal as the Bondsmen from NC, who recorded for Justice Records. The flip is a good Garage Beat tune called "Little Girl".

<hear it>