Freitag, 15. Mai 2009

THE DEMATRONS - The Boy Who's Sixteen (Southern Sound)

Super Cute Garage Pop Beat
This might actually be my very first Garage type of record! Bought it quite a long while ago for almost nothing& loved it ever since, even it's very "pop". Obviously from 1963. The record has a nice little Doo-Wop flavour and ace harmonies, but enough raw teenage-vibe to classify if a "Garage" disc. From the New England area. The song will stick in your ears, promised! The flipside is a pretty dull and schlocky turd, so dig the topside twice. Or thrice!
Here's a pic of the group.
(taken from white doo wop collector website)

THE HOLIDAYS - I Want To Do It (Dixie)

Raw Pennsylvania Teen BlasterYou will probably know that song done by other teen bands. Fab '64 rendition by a Pittsburgh bunch of kids who step on the gas pretty heavily. The fine flipside, "I Got News For You", you can hear on STRANGE WORLDS #2. Those guys did at least one other 45, also on Dixie, but it's a (kick ass) instro thang.

THE BOBBIES - She Put Me Down #2 (Sonny)

Wild Alabama Frat SoundsThe idea may sound boring: You have no ideas for you 45 flipside, but you gotta record right NOW, so just belch out some kind of "part two" of your topside. Could be a pretty dull thing, but not on this fine 1966 piece of wax. Topside kicks ass (check out STRANGE WORLDS#3), but the flip is even weirder: A cacophony of teenage wacko-ness, live onto tape. I'd like to know what the guys in the recording studio thought about this. From Florence, AL. Go go go!
Some additional info that was posted as a comment:
Glenn Hall - Bass
Donald "Duck" Heupel - Guitar
Richard Haun or Hann - Keyboard
Randy Whales - Drummers
Bobby Heathcoat - Vocals/howling

This was recorded at Sun Recording studio in Memphis, TN in 1966 by Judd Phillips (Sam Phillips brother). (She) Put Me Down was a Jerry Lee Lewis song that was sold to Sun records.
Jerry Wexler wanted to buy this song performed by “The Bobbies” but problems with their producer caused this to never happen.
The original side b was suppose to be an amped up version of "I Call Your Name" by The Beatles but on the 2 hour drive to the studio, they heard The Mamas & the Papas cover this on the radio. They came up with side 2 on the fly.

Freitag, 8. Mai 2009


50th Post Means "Wacko Time"!
Ok, 50 posts are successfully done, so let's celebrate! Here's a real mean disc... Ever dreamed of hearing a rendition of "everybody's fave" tune "Henry The VIII" with accordion? No? Shame on you... here it is anyway! Honestly: It's awfully BAD, but funny to dig, just try out.

THE TORQUES - Don't Give Your Heart Away (Lemco)

More Moody MayhemGreat Kentucky-area record from 1967. The pressing plant obviously screwed up here, because the record has to pitched quite a bit. What we get is a beautifully delivered moody garage ballad that leaves nothing to be deserved and once again proves the high songwriting qualities that were aparent back then among "the kids". More info welcome!


Super-Crude Teenage WhimThis won't be easy to swallow for the "fuzz-punk"-crowd. The DESTINATIONS deliver a super-sparse moody teen garage thing that's as whimsy as it gets... In a good way, that is. The production is clearly non-existant, the playing sloppy, the singer probably scared of the whole thing himself... A real gem! The label perfectly fits the tunes on it: Spartanic.

Samstag, 2. Mai 2009

DIMENSIONS A - The Light (Global Records)

Great Moody Garage Beat
Also a grower. Fine, rugged harmonies applied to bursting teenage songwriter craft. The results are impressive, though it's easy to hear that those guys never had a chance on the "Hot 100" anyway. Do them and yourself a favour and dig the topside of their lone 45 now, like 45 years late.

PENDELTONS - Mustang Sally (Alamo Audio)

Raw Garage Rocker
On the ultra-collectible Alamo Audio from Texas comes this San Antonio group with their lone 45.

FRIENDS OF MIND - Moving Through Your Mind (Insounds)

Fab Folk Droner
Very folk-y and quite psychish garage lament from Odessa, TX, circa 1966. Dig the cool label design. The flip is equally good and in a similar vein, too.