Mittwoch, 22. April 2009

PIED PIPERS - Hold On I'm Comin' (WAM)

Quite Elusive WAM-BamThis will grow on you. The flip to the beefy "Hey Joe" may seem a bit lighthearted at first, but is a classy garage tune. Youngstown, OH band that issued a second 45 on Hamlin Town in '66.


  1. Hi Lee,

    there's one thing that doesn't let me sleep: is it possible I have missed Vol. 4 of the outrageous Strange Wold-series, and if so, where could I get it.....?

    thanks a lot for your great labor of love and saluti from Milano


  2. hi,
    no you haven't missed it, it will be out within the next months. it's practically done but i haven't had the time yet to finish it off.

  3. .. cant' wait for number 4... thanks for getting back