Montag, 12. Februar 2007

TONY DEE - Velvet Acid * MECCA-748


What a goddamn fuzz-killer instro right out of nowhere. this is really MEAN. primitive sounding circa 1966 slop. it hasn't been comped yet, "only" one some forum comp, if i remember well. have never seen this 45 in circulation except when i found this one on german ebay for 2 bucks or so. i have NO idea what the motion picture "the chase" is, which is printed on the label. my investigations have come up with zilch.


  1. Tony Dee is Anthony Donadio, and he was my guitar teacher for years in Yuma, Arizona in the late '70's and early '80's. He was in a wheelchair from childhood from polio. He had lots of great stories growing up in Brooklyn on the streets, and trying to make it in the music biz. Really great guy, and he gave me a copy of this record, but I have never figured out what movie this was from- there was another movie at the same time called "The Chase" with Marlon Brando, but that wasn't the film this was from. Would love to see Tony again...

  2. I also learned guitar from Tony Dee in Yuma in the late '70's. Tony was a friend of mine for many years, until moved from Yuma. Tony and his band played at my wedding in 1976. I also have a copy of that 45 RPM record. If I remember right on the flip-side Tony recorded "The Flight Of The Bumblebee". AWSOME!

  3. Tony Dee was my guitar teacher in the late 60s in Sea Gate, Brooklyn, NY, where he lived in a house off the beach with his mom.

    The movie for this song was never produced.

    I once coveted a Mad paperback he had and kept offering to buy it. (I was in the fifth or sixth grade.) He kept refusing to sell it, and finally said, "because I'm giving it to you."

    Then he moved to Mexico, and came back for a visit, with his wife. And I believe that he had gotten involved in some manufacturing.

    He gave me a copy of this record and I loved that velvet acid.