Samstag, 2. Mai 2009

FRIENDS OF MIND - Moving Through Your Mind (Insounds)

Fab Folk Droner
Very folk-y and quite psychish garage lament from Odessa, TX, circa 1966. Dig the cool label design. The flip is equally good and in a similar vein, too.


  1. Not from nowhere... from Odessa, Texas!

  2. Lee,

    Update with Friends of Mind... I'll be working with at least of the guys in Friends of Mind for a story over on LoneStarStomp. They both still- 30 years later- work together everyday.

    Thanks, btw, for posting this one... I don't own the record and hadn't heard this song, but it's grown to be a favorite of the past couple of weeks.


  3. A gentle waft of 60's fresh air... THANX!

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