Freitag, 15. Mai 2009

THE DEMATRONS - The Boy Who's Sixteen (Southern Sound)

Super Cute Garage Pop Beat
This might actually be my very first Garage type of record! Bought it quite a long while ago for almost nothing& loved it ever since, even it's very "pop". Obviously from 1963. The record has a nice little Doo-Wop flavour and ace harmonies, but enough raw teenage-vibe to classify if a "Garage" disc. From the New England area. The song will stick in your ears, promised! The flipside is a pretty dull and schlocky turd, so dig the topside twice. Or thrice!
Here's a pic of the group.
(taken from white doo wop collector website)


  1. How can I play this?

  2. Good stuff; thanks for posting this! Oh, and as to how to play this, just click on the little triangle that appears right over the sentence "POSTED BY LEE UM".


  3. Can you please post the flip side of the Dematrons song. Thank you.