Sonntag, 2. August 2009


Out Now!! 15 Unissued Cuts Of Psych-y Garage Mayhem

01 THREATS - New Feelin'
02 CLANN - Tall Towers
03 KEITH EVERETT - Lookin' So Fine
04 MARQUIS - Broken Mirror
05 WHAT FOUR - So Lonely
06 BITTERSWEETS - Cry Your Eyes Out
08 CATALINAS - Barbara
09 JOHNNY & THE GENTS - I Won't Fall
10 MYRCHENTS - I Gotta Know If You're Leaving
11 ROCK-A-GO-GOs - I'm Out To Win You Over
12 CHIMES - Foolish Pride
13 CAESER AND HIS ROMANS - Why Make A Fool Of Me
14 ROADS END - When I Look At You
15 COACHMEN - Tyme Won't Change



  1. As always, another great comp!


  2. Hello Captain Salty

    Lots of new discoveries for me so I thank you for that. I was expecting more psychedelia after your description on the G45 Forum.

    There are plenty of stand out's but I'm favouring The Clann, What Four, Chimes and Caeser and His Romans after the first couple of listens.
    I already knew about The Coachmen track and that is indeed a great tune.

    thumbs up all round


  3. Nice job, Capt. Salty. Lots of tunes here I've never heard. The Keith Everett is cool, and I've been wanting to hear that Road's End cut (the flip of the comp'd "Why") for a few years, so grats for including that. Many other worthwhile tracks too! Keep 'em coming!

  4. Great comp(liments) with a lot of "new" ones.
    Does someone happen to know more about the What Four (or is it Whatt Four)?

  5. Hi Cptn,

    my favorites: Clann, Keith Everett, and Myrchants but on top of all the great Johnny & Gents track with its unbelievable chord & rhthym changes....hugh thanks for another load of rare beauties!!
    Michael Vee

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    I linked yout blog to mine,

    Kind regards,

    Abe Twist

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  9. Merry Christmassssssssss

    all the best