Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

THE PANICKS - Work (Dupree)

Pounding Teenage Blast-Off-O-Rama Expressing "Work Sucks!"Fine, Sonics-inflected boom from Akron, OH, 1966. They had a later 45 on Dupree ("You're My Baby"). This yet uncomped cut is pretty basic, but shifts into high gear as we go along. Raunchy riffing and screaming make up for the tame production. And, as pointed out before, this reminds me a bit of Northwest combos. Listen for that whammy-bar guitar stop fills, like from some kind of raunch/ strip-instro. Great stuff. Obviously those guys had a different name before, because the "Panicks" monicker is glued over the original one.

►►►Buckeye Beat has a cool feature on the group. Read it HERE.

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