Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010


Great Haunting Garage DownerShhhh... This a preview on STRANGE WORLDS#5 (again, a moody one), so don't tell. Glorious, pretty psych-y lament. Gorgeous harmonies meet ace songwriting and, talk about a gloomy mood! This has not been reissued before, and i have no idea why. Since MTA is obviously a NY label distributing mainly CA bands, those guys are either from NY or from CA. (More on MTA on chris' fab Garage Hangover website!) Listen for those cool weird guitar interplays and the guitar player switching back into surfy garage-band-mode during the refrain and bridge. Probably early/mid 1966.

►►Check out the Garage Hangover feature HERE.

(note: pic taken from chris' fab website, since my scanner screwed up. will be replaced soon)

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