Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

THE ONCOMERS - Every Day Now (Gateway)

Uptempo Garage Beat Winner You probably heard the great moody topside "You Let Me Down" on 'Love Is A Sad Song' or 'The Unheard Of'. Now let's check out the other side of this great McKeesport, PA teen combo that waxed their sole 45 in 1964, probably, since they changed their monicker to Grant Street Exit (cf. FAF) the following year. What a shitty idea! Obviously, those guys recorded quite a batch of songs as well as a live show. Cool rave-up rhythm takes us right into the middle of the song which turns out to be a broadly smiling bastard of Brit invasion sounds and slightly raw U.S. garage beat. The icing on the cake is a cool doo-wop styled coda of the song. Corny, you say? Well, I'd say that there is pretty much the exact dash of corny-ness in here that makes this a nice garage beat rocker for your next frat party.
You can find lots of additional info here.


  1. Qué buenos! Friendly regards and thanks from Portugalete, España.

  2. beautiful song, reminds me of Buddy Holly a bit but more raw. Thanks for sharing this gem.