Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010

TOMMY & THE NIGHTBEATS - Green Eyes (Princess)

Fantastic Nerdy Pop Garage BeatA long want of mine for quite some time. And all I got was a g+ copy. Anyway, let's check out the flip of the comped cool top side, 'Come On Darling' which got me excited the first time I heard it on 'One Hand In The Darkness'. The flip is in a similar vein, featuring cheesy organ fills and this pretty nerdy guy Tommy who is leading the band obviously. This is far more in the Pop vein than many people will be willing to accept. But don't let it go... Stick with it. Check out those harmonies and the slightly eerie vibes of the song. From Houston, TX, 1964.


  1. I thought you might like to have some more information about Tommy and the Nightbeats. They are from Atlanta, Ga not Houston Texas. Members Tommy Charter;guitar and vocals, Harold Kelling Lead Guitar, George Vance bass, Steve McQuechy drums. They recorded a full LP worth of music. Six orignals with vocals and 5 Ventures covers which I have the original reel and some of the other unreleased tracks. I also have a live recording from 1965 which is mostly covers of the Kinks, Beetles, Rolling Stones. There is an article in the Tellametric Terascope Magazine from England, It's the issue with Harold Kelling and the Hampton Greece Band. It also has a photo of Tommy and the Night Beats. Harold Kelling went on to play in the Hampton Greece band and other bands. If you like more information, music or contacts , contact me: Tarmon Kelling 404-910-7574 (Atlanta Ga)