Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

CREATURES INC. - Stop Your Sobbin' (Jet Set)

Fabulous Garage Beat With A Healthy Dash Of "Invasion Sound"Great piece that strangely has never been comped. Oxon Hill, Maryland combo that delivers the goods. Flip has been on FLAYKES and HIGHS but check out the topside, a slightly pissed-off rant to a hang-up girl. Great jangly guitar works and a quite punchy production make this cool disc something well worth having. A 1965 release. Also dig the fab label design, complete with an ace font for the band monicker.


  1. great (and uncomped) finds, Lee, lov'em all (Chavelles, Creaturs, Dave ecc , and Panicks)... can't wait for the next Strange World-installment....

    thanks a lot & cheers from Milano!


  2. Thought this was a Pretenders song only! Nice!