Dienstag, 23. März 2010

WAYWARD FIVE - Good Times (W-5)

Great Punky Garage Beat MayhemA Michigan combo that waxed two 45rpm's in 1966 and 1967, the first being on the fab Lee label (Satisfactions, Marauders, Cyclones,... "Can't Get Enough Of Your Lovin'" comped on Wyld Sydes#2), the second one seems to be a self released thing. They got a hip cover of Tail Feather on the topside but the flip is cooler. They are believed to be from the Midland/ Mt. Pleasant area (c.f. 'Music Makers From Mid-Michigan'). Anyhow, check out this cool blaster!

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  1. Hi Captain,

    schön, daß sich in deiner Schatztruhe immer wieder ungeschliffene Edelsteine finden lassen... bin gespannt auf Strange World 5 .... kannst Du mir Titel u. Nation vom tollen Checkmates-track verraten (Do you have an old heart ? / Give it to me?)

    vielen Dank und beste Grüße aus Milano!