Dienstag, 23. März 2010

MEMORIES - Mercy, Mercy (K.O. Recording Studios )

Great Rough & Crude Gutter-RockAppleton, WI's Rolling Stones are going to please you a lot. They are doing their best to emulate Mick'n Keith and the rest of the gang, but they don't ape them. They're lacking playing abilities... in a GOOD way, that is. "Girl, if you put mah down..." Listen for the cavemanish drumming, sounding even more primitive than Beach Boys drum novice Dennis Wilson. Great! Like he's glued to his toms! Can't get away from thrashing them. I gotta say this song is one of my all-time faves& I can't have enough versions of it. This ranks very high in my personal "Mercy, Mercy" top 10. From 1966. K.O. Recording Studios outta Kaukauna. Flip ("That's How Strong My Love Is") is equally great& will be found on a future STRANGE WORLDS comp.


  1. Awesome, from my hometown no less! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've an info for you.

    In your Strange World #1 there's the Decades "Strange worlds" is already compiled in
    "You Take Me For Rides - USA Garage Greats"
    they are from Akron, Ohio.

  3. thanks for the info. got to add that strange worlds#1 "came out" before the gyro-comp, so it's cd-debut was indeed on SW#1,^^^^

  4. HEY MOE ...
    it's real RockNRoll